Kurata’s Offical Guide To Gundam.

Do you want to get started with Gundam then you come to the right place, my friend?


The Gundam series is one of the longest running franchise in anime and it’s still going today.

The franchise started on April 7, 1979, as an anime TV series called Mobile Suit Gundam or Gundam 0079 which was revolutionary in that it defined the real robot genre of anime by featuring giant robots in a militaristic war setting.

The popularity of the first TV series and the merchandising that followed spawned a franchise that has come to include works released in numerous media. Titles have appeared in the form of multiple television series and OVAs, movies, manga, novels, and video games. The franchise has also led to the creation of one of the biggest toy and hobby franchises in the Japanese toy industry.

With that all that said and done Hello everyone this is Shawn aka KurataTrigger and welcome to my official Gundam guide.


Universal Century Timeline.

The Universal Century or U.C timeline for Gundam is honestly the best timeline for newcomers to get into Gundam itself. The Universal Century Timeline will give you a proper view of what Gundam is really all about and overall it’s the most professionally made Gundam Timeline out of everything that is Gundam. And when you eventually make your way into Alternate Universes of Gundam that are Outside the Universal Century, you will be able to spot key elements that were adapted *from* the Universal Century Timeline in Other Gundam Universes as well.

The Universal Century timeline of Gundam consists of multiple anime to watch.

You can watch the U.C Gundam in this order


Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin (Still airing)

Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 TV series or Movie Trilogy

Mobile Suit Gundam 08th M8 Team OVA

Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 War in The Pocket OVA

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory OVA

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam TV

Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam (Skip episode 1 and go straight to episode 2 because episode 1 is just a recap of 0079 and Zeta Gundam)

Mobile Suit Gundam Char ‘Counterattack Movie

Gundam Thunderbolt.

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA or Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 TV series.

Mobile Suit Gundam F91 Movie

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

Gundam Reconguista in G

Turn A Gundam


Out of all of the Gundam shows in the Universal Century timeline, there are some things to note with 3 Gundam anime from the U.C Timeline.

The first is being ZZ Gundam. Zeta Gundam is a very cruel and dark Gundam anime especially in the last quarter of the show. ZZ Gundam, however, takes the usual style of Gundam and does a complete 180 with it.the series became dark in the end.

However, the second half is much darker.

I personally found ZZ Gundam to quite decent.


The Next one is F91 which was meant to be a TV series due to Bandai saying no to Tomino he was forced to make it as a movie instead of a 50 episode TV series.

Sadly the movie was too short for its own good and they became a rushed mess. Go read the manga and don’t bother witha F91 movie at all.

Mobile_Suit_Victory_Gundam0 (1)

The third one is Victory Gundam.

You thought Zeta Gundam was dark Victory Gundam is very dark and brutal from start to finish with characters dying left and right in almost every episode.

To be honest I consider Victory Gundam to be the weakest U.C show because while the first half was pretty entertaining and enjoyable the second half starting from episode 29 is awful. Bad looking visuals, characters die left or right no reason, most of the characters became annoying mainly the females and creepy and it has some of the worst written/direction I have ever seen in my life (*Cough end of Episode 38*) I highly recommend avoiding watching that show unless you want to get depressed or even offended.

An example of Victory Gundam atrocious writing in the second half.

Alternatively, once you finish watching Unicorn and Thunderbolt go watch Turn A and G Reco instead of F91 or Victory.  You will thank me later.

Only watch Victory Gundam once you finish the rest of the U.C Gundam shows minus Turn A and G Reco.


One more thing Gundam Recongutsia in G has a large time skip from the end of Victory. Taking place over 800 Years past Victory, and way after the Universal Century Timeline itself came to an end. But it is still very much canon to the events of the Universal Century, and this is made very apparent with what happens in the series. But with this anime, in particular, you have to make sure to PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to the dialogues and what is going on. If you miss even a single bit of dialogue, it is very easy to get lost in the story. But thankfully, the story does become easier to follow as the anime progresses. But I’m just warning you about it now, in advanced. I personally liked G Reco for what it is.

In short start off with Mobile Suit Gundam 0079, and make your way down the list as you finish that anime and move onto the next one, all the way to G Reco.

Now once you get through all of that, you may ask: “Wow! So….where do I go next?”

Once you finish up the Universal Century Timeline (and G-Reco), you are then able to check out all of the Alternate Universes (A.U) and Spin-Off Series that exist in the Gundam Metaverse as well. These Alternate Universes and Spin-Off Series have absolutely nothing to do with the Universal Century Timeline; story wise. But they are heavily inspired and derive a lot of their source material off of things from the Universal Century. To be honest, after you finish up the U.C. Timeline, you’re pretty much a free bird meaning you can watch any Alternative Universe Gundam show you want without any problems.


The best A.U show that I highly recommend checking out as your first A.U Gundam show is 00 it’s easily the best mainstream Gundam series out there.

The four mainstream Gundam shows out so far are its follows.

Gundam 00.

Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans.

Gundam Seed.

Gundam Wing.

Gundam 00 takes place in the Anno Domini Timeline; which is currently the timeline we live in right now, except way into the future. The interesting thing is, the Universal Century Timeline also at one point took place in Anno Domini before it became “Universal Century”. It’s said to be between 2055 and 2134 or something like that. Gundam 00, however, is in the year 2300’s. So, that’s Hundreds of Years past anything Universal Century had.

There are some things that you should consider while watching Gundam 00.

To start off-season 1 of 00 was just great from start to finish. It had great theme exploration of war and the characters, world building, and visuals were just amazing.

00 S2 is good for what it was but wasn’t at the same level as season 1 of 00. You will most likely notice this from your watch though since most 00 fans acknowledge this openly.

There is a Gundam 00 Movie Sequel “Awakening of the Trailblazer” which you should skip at all cost due to how lackluster it was. 00 fans really don’t like that movie.

Next, we have Gundam Wing which has a very interesting fanbase and to be honest.

Gundam Wing is kinda overrated in my opinion.

Gundam Wing is kinda of a decent Gundam by itself but it had problems such a bad pacing, in the beginning, the wing boys are barely 2 dimensional, has a lot of stock footage and it had that stupid overkill formula.

Even tho I give Gundam Wing a 4/10 in my review I still recommend this title for anyone who wants to a watch a Gundam show from the 90s. You might like it and enjoy it but as for me, I wasn’t a fan of Wing.

(Updated I give Gundam Wing a 6/10 despite its problems that I have with it).

It has a squeal called Gundam Wing Endless Waltz which improves a lot of things from the TV series but it still had its fair share of flaws.

Next, we have Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans which just finished airing in 2017 with 2 seasons.

Iron-Blooded Orphans has recently gained the love or hate reputation by many Gundam fans from the respective fan-bases.  Some say it’s a great entry to the Gundam franchise other say it was a train-wreck.

For me, Iron-Blooded Orphans is a pretty good entry to the Gundam franchise. While I prefer 00 over it Iron-Blooded Orphans still a solid Gundam show in my opinion. It has its problems such as confusing world building in the earlier parts of S1, the second half of S2 was kinda rushed and not all of the characters were properly fleshed out.

Iron-Blooded Orphans in my opposition is a fun and an enjoyable Gundam show.


What about Gundam Seed. Is that show even worth watching at all? Yes and no.

Why do I say this?

Well, you see Gundam Seed as well as the cosmic timeline has a notorious reputation from many Gundam fans for being a mess that has many problems such as lots of stock footage, very hit or miss characters and meh mecha designs that sometimes can be unoriginal etc.

The first Gundam Seed is not a masterpiece or awful it’s just above average that has great moments every now and them but it has its issues. I personally give Seed S1 a 6/10 and as it’s my guilty pleasure Gundam show.

However, I cannot say the same thing about its squeal which is called the Forbidden Gundam show by many Gundam fans myself included and that show is Gundam Seed Destiny.

Am going to be straight honest with you know Gundam Seed Destiny is easily the worst Gundam show that has ever been released so far. It has a tonnes of problems such as meanless war, awkward tone shifts,, an unlikable MC who goes by the name of Shin Asuka who is always angry, has emotional problems and has idiotic ideas that make no sense at all, has more stock footage than freaking scooby doo and the show has the most unoriginal Gundam designs ever made. Looking at you Destiny Gundam.

You’re only going to a massive headache while watching it If you’re curious about it, you can check it out but watch it with friends with the HD remaster version or the Movies because watching this alone is a really painful experience that no one should suffer through by themselves.


Lucky There is One Gem out of the Cosmic Era that got itself a 3 Episode OVA called Gundam SEED Stargazer C.E.73. This is probably the Best Anime Adaptation so far that the Cosmic Era has ever received. When Gundam Seed & mainly Gundam Seed Destiny did so many things *wrong*, Stargazer did so many things *right* that it’s like you’re almost watching a completely different Gundam Series entirely! I seriously wish it was more than just 3 Episodes, I want to see MORE out of it! That’s how much I enjoyed it! And I’m willing to bet that you will too.


Gundam X is a good Gundam show that I highly recommend to anyone despite being cut down to 39 episodes due to poor ratings in Japan. Gundam X is basically a “What-If” Universal Century Timeline and takes a lot of elements from the U.C. Timeline and kinda changes them around in its own way. It’s not part of the official U.C. Timeline in any way, shape, or form. But it re-imagines it from a different perspective, and in a damn good way!


Mobile Fighter G Gundam, may be an Oddball of the Gundam Franchise as its more of a super robot shounen anime intend of a war but do you know what G Gundam is freaking amazing and epic from start to finish with great and lovable characters that will grow on you as the series progresses and the battles and soundtrack is great and exciting. As long as you don’t take it that seriously, you will probably end up Loving this one.


Like with Gundam Seed Gundam AGE is a controversial Gundam show. I wouldn’t recommend looking at that one until you’re more into Gundam. AGE being one of your 1st Gundam Animes is a very bad idea, cuz that will give you an even more False View on what Gundam is all about.  Despite that Gundam AGE is a decent Gundam where it only becomes great in the AGE GEN 2 arc. However, Gundam AGE kinda falls apart in the last 10 episodes as it’s almost as bad as Seed Destiny. The first 2 arcs are good and very enjoyable to watch while Gen 3 arc is mediocre at best.


Lastly, we have the Gundam Build Fighters saga.

This one I would not recommend checking out until you’ve gotten very familiar with Gundam as a whole, and are well aware of Mobile Suits, references and Characters from all series beforehand. This whole saga is just nothing but a massive love-letter to the entirety of the Gundam Franchise.

In terms of quality, The first season of Build Fighters Absolutely FANTASTIC in almost every way possible has great characters, amazing visuals, great mecha battles that use a lot of strategy and tactics for Gunpla battles, racing etc.

Personally, this is my 2nd favorite non-U.C Gundam show as being in my 4th favorite Gundam show of all time.


Build Fighters Try not so much.

I don’t hate it on anything but compared to S1 it’s a massive step down in a lot of areas. It’s not Seed Destiny, the second half of Victory, F91 or 00 movie levels of bad but when compared to S1 it’s kinda disappointing. On its own it’s a decent Gundam show that it has great moments every now and then but it couldn’t keep up to the greatness that is from S1.

Just like G Gundam. Do not take them seriously. Hell, they don’t even take THEMSELVES seriously. So why should you? Just wanted to clarify that last thing there, because there actually are idiots out there who hated Build Fighters and Try because they made the stupid mistake of actually trying to take them seriously.

You can buy the Gundam Blu-Ray/DVDs on theses following websites.

Gundam Blu-Rays USA. RightStuff.

Gundam DVDs USA. Rightstuff.

Gundam DVDs UK Otaku.com

 Since Anime Limited is only releasing Gundam on Blu-Ray for the UK. This is the cheapest way you can buy all the newest Gundam shows on DVD. However, you will need a Region Free player as all of these shows are official US releases from right stuff.

AllTheAnime Store UK (Blu-Ray Only) They sell collector editions on many Gundam shows. Only buy them if you a fan of the those Gundam shows. They can be very pricey so watch out.

I hope this helps clarify your confusion you had with the Timelines of Gundam and helps you make the right choice on what to go with.

Welcome To Gundam. 


I hope you will enjoy what this franchise has to offer.

Hopefully, I will review all the Gundams shows in the future.

This was Shawn aka KurataTrigger and I will see you guys next time.


Anime Review 1.3 Gundam Build Fighters Try ( Remastered)

The first season of Gundam Build Fighters is amazing because I never expected Gundam Build Fighters too,, be good in the slightest because of growing my bitterness too,, the children anime in general.
It had a great simple story with great writing, amazing characters, wonderful art/animation and the soundtrack was just a masterpiece of art.

The first season of Gundam Build Fighters are personally one of my favourite Gundam shows period

When I saw Gundam Build Fighters Try for the first I expected too,, be almost as great as the first season of Gundam Build Fighters.
If only that was true.
Hello everyone Shawn/ aka KurataTrigger and I will be reviewing the squeal too,, the sleeper hit Gundam Build Fighters Gundam Build Fighters Try. Are this show worth the watch let’s find out.


The story are almost literally the same as the first season expect it feels more dumped down this time.
Why you make ask?
Well for starters the writing in this season are clearly not that good because remember the amazing humour that the first season had. Well the first season type of humour are gone and it’s replace with meh humour at best too,, cringe-worthy humour at worst.
Secondly this season feels more like a battle shounen more than a hobby that people can enjoy equally because the rivals in the season behave more like a generic villains that just wants power for they own deeds.
That’s alone hurts the characterisation for this cast and it’s really a shame that writers went for a shounen route this time. The first season had its shounen moments but it was less notable due too,, the great character interactions and strategies that happens in the first season.
Also the battles are all predictable and boring because in S1 theyre was a lot of strategies in the fight and also the battles were almost non predictable. In Try however fights are boring, unexciting and too,, add insult too,, injury they are a bunch of Deus Ex Machina now meaning whenever team try fighters are in a hopeless situation Sekai Gunpla will magically get stronger just too,, advance the plot.
I have admit that some of the fights were hype but the hype factor was negated due to god awful plot armour and Deus Ex Machinas that the Team Try Fighters have.
Lastly the whole theme of enjoying the hobby gets thrown out of the freaking window due to a certain character who literally has no passion or interest of the hobby gunpla.
Overall the story of Build Fighters Try was terrible.


If I have to describe the character cast in a nutshell it would be wasted potential and very poorly written.

Sekai is a terrible main lead who is basically a bootleg Reiji with hardly any reddening values whatsoever.
I will admit he was kinda tolerable in the first few episodes but as the show progressed and once we got to the tournament arc of Try. He devolves into a hot headed Gary Sue. Not gonna a lie.
One thing that I hated about Sekai is how he didn’t care about the hobby of gunpla.
All he wants to do is get in the battlefield and spam he’s Jigen Haoh School moved towards his opponents without giving a second thought about his teammates as well as his own gunpla.
Overall I really don’t like Sekai at all.
Next we have Fumina…
What the hell did you do to this character Sunrise?
Fumina starts off being a potential great female lead because she are a team leader and she was a strong combatant for the first couple of fights.
As the series however literally becomes a supporting character because reasons?
What really pissed me of about this Fumina are ever since she became a supporting character she started doing retarded shit like being a half ass tsundere, joins Sekai ‘s harem and the final nail of the coffin for Fumina are she literally got nerfed too,, death meaning she are more weak than any supporting characters in the first season. That are just sad.
In general Fumina are just perfect example of a wasted potential character.

1030 Yuuma Kousaka

You thought Fumina was missed potential Yuuma is literally a badly written character.
He’s boring, pretentious, uninteresting and he’s are really a poor man’s Sei, Not too,, mention Yumma sup plot are just terrible because you won’t believe this wonderful writing The main reason why he’s depressed and stop playing altogether Gunpla because somebody beat him in a Gunpla battle.
Let’s say that again. The main reason why he’s depressed and stopped playing Gunpla altogether because somebody beat him in a Gunpla battle.
What’s even worst about this he’s stopped playing Gunpla because of humiliation not because of an illness or family issues and by the way those are perfect sup plot sets for this character but no we get a poorly written revenge story instead because we haven’t got enough of those stories right.
Overall Yuuma are a terrible character.

The rest of the characters are also not that good.
In fact the side characters in TRY hurt the anime more than the story and the main characters because the side characters here are just really bad.
Don’t get me started how comical the rivals here because they don’t have any passion for the gunpla battle whatsoever and most of them are doing it for the money, some school pride or some business shit.
Don’t get me started with the whole harem thing with Sekai with the three girls.
Also the character interactions were just bad and at times cringe-worthy.

Overall the characters in Gundam Build Fighters Try were really bad and the show biggest fault by a long shot.


Best girl and only good character by a long shot

Oveall the characters in Gundam Build Fighters Try were really bad and the show biggest fault by a long shot.


The first season of Build Fighters has great looking visuals as well as great animation that hardly has any stock footage. I cannot say the same about the animation.
The visuals have stayed the same from season 1 however I feel the character can go a bit too off model at times not to mention some of the character reactions are just downright cringe-worthy.


As for actual animation I honestly thought the animation for Try was a massive step down as half of the fights were choppy as hell as well as having a lot of stock footage especially in the tournament arc where the stock footage became almost as bad as Seed Destiny’s Stock Footage. Am not even joking

stockThe only good thing about the visuals are the mecha designs which I found most of the them to be pretty cool.

Overall the visuals of Try were a big step down from season 1


The OST itself are good for what it was but compare too,, the first season its not that great and it times it can be forgettable.
I can hardly remember a single track from the ost at all and this really sad because the first season ost are one of my favourite ost in anime.
The first opening Cerulean by BACK-ON are a good song and it really fits into the show really well and it’s also one best parts of Gundam Build Fighters Try. It’s catchy as hell and its a good listen
The second opening Just Fly Away by EDGE of LIFE are also a good song but compare too,, the first opening its just okay and its feels more like a ending theme in my opinion.
Even tho Gundam Build Fighters Try has 2 good openings its simply can’t complete with the first season opening 2 wimp ft. Lil’Fang (from FAKY) by BACK-ON because one the song had its own charm and secondly it was catchy and lastly the song was pure hype.

The first ending theme Amazing The World by SCREEN mode are a great song and its easily the best ending theme from the Gundam Build Fighters series.
The second ending theme Mayomayo Compass wa Iranai by StylipS are a okay ending theme. Nothing more nothing less.

At this time of the Gundam Build Fighters Try has a dub and too,, be honest with you. The dub are decent nothing in more nothing less
If you had a choice of sub or dub I would say stick with the sub unless you like watching dubbed anime such as myself.

Final Thoughts.

Wasted Potential are easily the best way to describe Gundam Build Fighters Try as a whole.
It’s has terrible characterisation, pretentious sub plots, weak story, very predictable fights that have contains lots of plot armour and deus ex machina, a borderline forgettable ost, stupid harem and its ultimately unsatisfying at the end.

On its own its a bad Gundam title but if you compare it to the well written first season its a train-wreck.
It takes away the fun of the first season and actually takes away a lot of the charm of the first season and it’s really a shame.
But hey least its better than Gundam Wing and Gundam Seed Destiny

I give Gundam Build Fighters Try a 4/10

Anyway this has been Shawn aka KurataTrigger and I will see you guys next time.

Build Fighters Try was such a disappointment for me yo!!!! Least it’s better than Wing yo!!!

Quick update.

Am planning to do more re-mastered versions of my reviews because one I wan’t to fix my mistakes from the original version of my reviews such as grammar, outdated information and  and two I wan’t to re-review them again with a updated opinion for those shows

I won’t do it for every show but I will do it for a few shows

Gundam Build Fighters Season 1 and Outlaw Star re-mastered reviews coming soon.

Month of Anime Limited project intro.

Hello everyone this is Shawn aka KurataTrigger and welcome to my new anime project.


For my new project I will be reviewing 6 animes that Anime Limited has licensed in the UK as well as having a DVD/Blu Ray release.

So what is Anime Limted you may ask?

Anime Limited, also known as All the Anime is a new British anime distribution company based in Glasgow, Scotland. It releases anime for British, Irish, French and all other European audiences. They like to release these ultimate edition on certain anime such as FMA 2003, Escaflowne, later Martian Successor Nadescio.

Now I personally have a love/hate relationship with this distributor.

What I like about Anime Limited is they variety of anime that they licenced.  From the popluar Cowboy Bebop, Assassnation Classroom to the more obscure ones like U.C Gundam and The Tatami Galaxy. They anime selection never bored me unlike Manga Entertainment where they selection in my opinion is generic and boring.

I also like how they do the collectors/ultimate editions of anime. They overall look nice and very presentable not to mention they come with artbook and art cards.

If only my PS3 didn’t break I would have owned this masterpiece.

Now we talk about the things that I don’t like from Anime Limted.

Firstly the cancellation of DVD releases of certain animes. Now this problem not aply for everyone but man the way do that I always ended up shake my head. Recently Selector Infended WIXOSS was meant to have a standred DVD release along with the blu ray collectors edition. But they cancelled it altogether due to  licencor restrictions.  Because of that now I have to import the series from USA because I don’t buying anime on Blu Ray on series at am not a fan. I have made a rule of my self that I only buy anime on Blu Ray if I love the series aka any anime that I have 8.5/10 and above on my Hummingbird account.

Don’t get me started with the whole Blu Ray only thing with Gundam in the UK because not only they will not be releasing Gundam X and Gundam 0080 War in Pocket in the UK they also made it hard for a average viewer to get into Gundam. As much I love the Blu Ray collectors editions they must release standreads editions of each Gundam show even on a DVD format in my opinion. Shows like ZZ Gundam and Victory Gundam  are most likely going to have poor sales due to being blu ray only collectors editions that not many anime fans are going buy due to those series having poor reputation from non Gundam fans.

The only Gundam shows that am interested of buying on Blu ray are Zeta Gundam, Turn A Gundam, G Gundam, 08th MS team and Build Fighters Season 1. Otherwise show like Wing, 00, Seed, Age, ZZ and G Reco will get only get the DVD treatment for me because am not going to fork £40+pounds on Gundam shows that I consider to be decent at best.

Are you for real?!?!

Now will be importing all of my Gundam shows from the Otaku.co.uk.

Speaking of Gundam Anime Limited Gundam releases schedule are almost as bad as the pacing of freaking .hack//sign. It’s very slow where the Nozomi Entertainment, release a new Gundam show every 1 to 3 months on both formats. Anime Limited there always a big gap for Gundam releases.

So those are my thoughts on Anime Limited.


They have potential to be great company in general with they amazing ultimate editions along with a great anime selectors but they really need to fix they Gundam release secludes and stop treating DVD fans like garbage in my opinion. Not everyone has access to Blu ray myself included and am still saving up for one for my computer. Once I get a Blu ray players for my computer I won’t be forking every anime on Blu Ray because why would I buy a decent/mediocre series on Blu ray when I can buy that same anime on DVD for a cheaper price. Am not like these Blu Ray anime elitist who just buys every anime on Blu ray even if the series that I consider to be awful *cough Aldonah Zero*

Are you for fucking for real
£80+ pounds for a trash show?!?!

Now lets get to the 6 anime from Anime Limed that I will be reviewing .

Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 


Ouran HighSchool Host Club

Patema Inverted

I will do straw-poll for the other two anime from your votes so stay tune for that.

This project will be begin soon.

Anyway this was Shawn aka KurataTrigger and I will see you next time.

Remember ZZ Gundam is not a anime.

What anime will I buy on MCM Comic Con and Upgrading to Blu-Ray plans.

Hey everyone this is Shawn aka KurataTrigger and my favourite anime event is back again.


I will be going to MCM London Comic Con on Saturday 27th May 2017 hopefully with a priority ticket which allows me to skip the 1 hour+ queue.

Buying anime is so much fun!!!

Now like last October I will be mainly be buying anime there because it’s the only way you can certain series cheaply outside of CEX. Also one thing to note is after MCM comic con or late Hyper Japan I will start investing on a Blu Ray player for my computer so I can start buying anime on a more reverent format meaning this will be my last time buying anime on DVD format on a regulars bases. The main reason for this move is one some anime that I liked like FMP The Second Raid, Gundam, WIXOSS,  Snow White with the Red Hair are only on Blu Ray format. Secondly I just want to move on to a different format. I will still keep anime that I currently own on DVD but with a few exceptions.

Time to start buying anime on blu ray in the future.

I could just import DVD versions for theses anime but I wont want to fork out £25 to £45 pounds for one series that wait for 2 weeks just to have them delivered to my home. For me I prefer buying anime psychically rather than waiting 2 to 3 weeks to come to my house.

So yeah one I get a blu ray player you will see Anime blu ray unboxing posts in my blog.

Back to Comic Con stuff.

MCM will be fun like last year

Anime That I Will Be Buying On MCM Comic Con

Little Busters Season 1 and Refrain. I might buy them before comic com.

Log Horizon Season 1 Part 1 and 2.


Escaflowne Anime Limited.


Gundam 0080 War In The Pocket.


Your lie in April both parts.

Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE the complete series.




Martian Successor Nadesico.


Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun.


Amagami SS Season 1.


The Irresponsible Captain Tylor.

Maybe Turn A Gundam Both Parts if they sell it there.

See you guys on MCM London Comic Con.


Also stay tune for my updated anime DVD Collection.