Anime that I love but have subpar dubs.

It’s no secret that I love to watch my anime dubbed. I wanted to give the English Voice Actors a chance and while I liked a lot of dubs there that some shows that I love that have disappointing to subpar dubs which some of them are flat out awful and they completely butchered the show themes, character to even the story.

With that further a do let’s begin with this list.

Digimon Adventure Season 1. 

Episodes 54

Studio Toei Animation.

My score 9/10

Dub score 3/10 

Reason. Horrible script, soundtrack and butchered story and characters.

Digimon is honestly one of my favourite anime series of all time and out of all the Kodomo shows that I watched this is one of the few animes that still holds up to this day. It the show that has a great story along with amazing character arcs that have a theme or a social topic along with the great soundtrack and characters.

The dub not so much firstly the show became more American with immediately butchered a lot of themes and characterization of the show. Also it’s was censored to death with a shitty script.

The only good thing about the dub is the voice acting with was well done.

I could say the same thing for Tamers, Frontier and Tri but I have to admit they are actually have pretty decent dubs but season 1 was the worst offender of the bunch.

Full Moon Wo Sagatashite 

Episodes 52

Studio Studio Deen

My score 10/10

Dub score 2/10

Reason: shitty acting for everyone plus it’s incomplete.

Full moon wo Sagatashite is one of best animes that I seen in recent memory. It is a great coming of age story that deals with the themes of making your life worthwhile before you pass on, enjoying your set dream to the fullest etc. Great characters along with a beautiful soundtrack. Eternal Snow is one of the best songs I have in fiction.

However the dub didn’t do the show any justice as it was plagued with awful and forced acting for everyone. Plus they made Mitsuki more like a bitch in the dub compare to her soft nice and inconstant little girl who just wanted to achieve her dream in the sub.

Am glad they pulled the dub in the second half because that dub was dreadful.

Gatchaman Crowds.

Episodes: 25

Studio: Tatsunoko Production.

My score 8/10

Dub score 2.5/10

Reason Miscast for Hajime and Rui, Subpar and forced acting 

I personally liked Gatchaman Crowds despite its flaws mainly Insight but if there’s one thing I cannot stand about Gatchaman Crowds is the dub.

Hajime may be kinda of a Mary Sue but the dub made it her even more of a Mary Sue as she preachs a lot more in the dub not to mention her engeric noise really got in my nerves very quickly.

As for Rui he sounds more like a bitchy girl in the dub who seriously has health issues. Even tho Rui was my favourite gatchaman crowds characters the voice actor for Rui made him a lot weaker compare to his sub counterpart.

As for the others they are just so forced as hell and they really got annoying really fast.

So if your planning to watch Gatchaman Crowds just watch the sub instead.

Gundam Build Fighters.

Episodes 50 + 1 OVA

Studio Sunrise 

My score 

Gundam Build Fighters Season 1 9/10.

Gundam Build Fighters Try 4.5/10

Dub score GBF S1 4/10, GBFT 1/10

Reason: Lots of miscasts along with poor audio quality especially in Try and super acting especially in Try.

I personally loved Gundam Build Fighters mainly season 1 it had loveable characters good themes along with great visuals that has no stock footage and a amazing soundtrack.

Try on the other wasn’t that good compare to season 1 in fact is one of the weaker Gundam shows that I watch. It’s not awful like the 00 Movie, Seed Destiny or Victory Gundam but it was just a average Gundam show that disappointed me with less 2d characters along with asspulls, plot armor, Wing level of stock footage and soundtrack that gets reused.

Also the Build Fighters Try Island Wars is awful and I consider it to worse than Seed Destiny.

The dub for Build Fighters S1 is Mediocre at best and while it had some characters with good voice acting many for them just felt flat. Sei voice was the worst one of the bunch as he sounds more like a baby in the dub compare to the more mature and determined counterpart in the dub. Reiji voice sounded too old and out of place for a young man. However this is tamed compare to the dub for Build Fighters Try. 

The dub for Gundam Build Fighters Try is downright fucking horrendous. It features a lot of shitty voice acting along with a awful audio quality.

Everyone in the dub either sound like a dumbass or a wooden edgylord.

Sekai voice is just disgusting to listen as it was so forced. Not saying that Sekai was a good character or anything in fact his is the worst character in the build fighters universe and the dub manages to make him even more insufferable with his Gary Sue bullshit that rivals Kira Yamato not to mention he’s a idiot who has no interest of the sport or hobby of Gunpla whatsoever. All he wants to do its just smash things with is Build Burning Gundam without giving a second thought about his health and condition of his Gunpla. Even Shin Asuka is better written than this Reiji hack.

Back to topic.

Yeah the first season dub is kinda mediocre that can be enjoyed but the one for try is one of the worst dubs I have experience in anime.


Episodes: 40 + 1 Movie

Studio: Kyoani 

My score 8.5/10

Dub score 3/10

Reason: Miscasts and shitty acting.

K-On may get a lot of hate of the anime community but I thought is one of best music anime that I seen.

The show may start off slow but slowly becomes one of the most enjoyable animes that I seen that is paced with great themes and characters. Not to mention the music is just wonderful to listen.

However the dub of K-On butchered the shows quality big time as there a lot of miscasts and bad acting.

It was so bad that I stopped watching K-On after the first disc.


Episodes 102 (Only the first 51 episodes have been dubbed)

Studio: Studio Gallop.

My score 10/10

Dub score 4.5/10

Reason: Subpar acting with a quite a lot of miscasts along with butchered script in the dub.

There’s no secret Kodocha is my favourite anime of all time.

It has a great coming of age story of Sana slowly trying to understand the world through growing and learning important stuff such as human emotion, relationships and love. All of the characters were great and enjoyable including Fuka. People may hate Fuka but I personally loved her as she made Sana a stronger character by messing around the relationship with Sana and Akito and Sana learning what is like to have your boyfriend being taken away from your good friend. Not to mention she has a more purpose than the likes for Shirley from Code Geass where she mostly exists to lick on Lelouch dick without any reason. 

The soundtrack and the Japanese voicing of Kodocha is just beautiful and well acting.

This hurts me but I thought the dub kinda sucks

Firstly many of the English voice acting just got tiring after a while with many of the characters sounded stuff. Also the script is a major downgrade compare to the Japanese version as it likes to censor a lot of themes and social topics.

As much I hate to this but Laura Bailey as Sana is worst lead role. Laura Bailey as Maka and Tooru may be bad but my god Laura Bailey as Sana was just disappointingly bad. Her Sana just sounds so forced and uncomfortable. I know many people like Laura as Sana but I was just disappointing with her performance compare to Shizue Oda as Sana who does much better job as Sana hyperactive personally.

As for the others were are decent at best.

If there the show needed to be Redub it would Kodocha done by Blue water studio or even better Viz Media or BangZoom.

The only reason why am even buying the DVDS for this even tho are out of print is because I a big fan of series and I personally like buying out of print anime.

Say if you want to watch Kodocha watch it sub or wait for a re-dub sometime in the future.

Little Busters.

Episodes 39 + 1 OVA

Studio J.C Staff

My rating 9.5/10

Dub 2/10

In my opinion Little Busters is the best thing from Key.

It has great character arcs filled with great themes exploration. The characters were a very likeable and a great improvement over Clannad and Kanon. The visuals and soundtrack to the acting was just great.

Sadly like Kodocha it suffered from a very weak dub but it’s nowhere nears a bad as the Gatchaman Crowds dub.

Many of the English voices just sounded forced and at times they butchered the character arc due to lacklustre acting and emotion. Not to mention it has lot of miscasts. 

Like with Kodocha I was really disappointed with the dub and now on I will just stick with sub if am planning to re-watch this series.

Madoka Magica.

Episodes 12 + 3 Movies

Studio Shaft

My rating 8/10

Dub 4/10

I personally liked Madoka Magica despite its flaws. Good character along with a great soundtrack and themes exploration. However like with Kodocha and Little Busters it’s suffered from a weak dub that is filled with miscasts.

The only good character in the dub is Sakura everyone else sounded so forced and wodden.

Madoka Magica should only be watched in subbed.

Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Episodes 26 + Movie 

Studio Gainax 

My rating 9.5/10

Dub 2/10

Reason. Horrendous script along with pissed poor voice acting and butchered themes.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most important animes that I seen in my life as it has great social topics along with great use of symbolism and theme exploration for every character. The visuals while dated it’s impressive and good looking. Also the soundtrack is just amazing fits the tone of the series perfectly along wit great voice acting sub version.

However the dub is horrendous that is plagued with butchered themes, abysmal dub script, cringeworthy voice acting and audio quality.

Everyone sounded awful.

If your planning to watch Evangelion just stick with the sub and avoid the dub like a fucking plague.


Episodes 104

Studio. J.C Staff

My rating 9/10 minus Revolution and Evolution R

Dub rating 3.5/10.

Reason. Forced acting along with no emotion.

Am going to say this right now Slayers I one of the best fanasty animes I seen. The story was good and enjoyable along with great and funny characters. The sub is just great and well acted especially Lina. 

The dub on the other other hand didn’t age well for me. G Gundam and Outlaw Star may be cheesy for some people but least those shows had a excuse and they gotten better as those shows progressed while Slayers didn’t because most of the voice acing in the dub got really stale after since there was no real range of emotion.

The Japanese Seiyuu who voiced Lina did a wonderful job portraying her character well that is filled with emotion and range while the in the dub she always sounded the same in every scene completely butchering her character emotions.

As for the others they just so flat and annoying especially Amelia in the dub.

It’s best to watch Slayers subbed.

Soul Eater

Episodes 51

Studio Bones

My rating 7.5/10

Dub score 4/10

Reason. Lots of Miscasts and forced acting in the dub.

I personally liked Soul Eater it has a good character cast along with great fights and a good soundtrack.

The only other thing I don’t like about Soul Eater minis that bullshit ending is the dub.

Like the dub of Kodocha and Little Busters I was really disappointed with it due to mediocre acting that somehow made some of the characters more annoying than they sub counterparts.

Maka is more annoying and more  hypocritical in the dub while Black Star is more annoying in the dub even tho his my favourite character in Soul Eater and I really liked him a lot in the sub. However his charm has been thrown out of the window in the dub.

So yeah its best to watch Soul Eater subbed for the better experience.

So that’s my list of animes that I loved but have weak dubs.

What animes do you love but have subpar dubs?

Please leave a comment below because I want to see what anime that you loved but have bad dubs.

Anyway this has been Shawn aka KurataTrigger and I see you guys next time.