Anime Review 3.0 After War Gundam X Review.

Before I even watched Gundam X. I have been told by people that Gundam X is either one of the most underrated Gundam shows or one of the worst Gundam shows. Also, notice that Gundam X only had 39 episodes instead of 49 episodes like Wing. Well after finishing Gundam X from start to finish I really have to say this. Gundam X is not only one of the best Gundam shows that I have seen but it’s one of the most underrated animes I have ever seen in a long while.
Why is that you may ask?
You will see throughout this review.

Hello, everyone, this is Shawn aka KurataTrigger and welcome to my review of Gundam X and with that further ado let’s get started.



It is the year after war fifteen. Fifteen years after the 7th space war which ultimately destruction of the whole world and killing billions of people. Many of the surviving residents of Earth now try to make a living as best as they can in the new post apocalyptic world with many of the mobile suits and the technology that was left over from the war becoming extremely valuable to many civilians and organizations.

The story of Gundam X mainly focuses on a 15-year boy named Garrod Ran who make a living by selling and taking old jobs. He eventually gets hired to rescue a mysterious young girl named Tiffa who is later revealed to be a special kind of human called a newtype.

During a struggle between Garrod and the people who hired him, he discovers a powerful mobile suit that took part in the 7th space war and that mobile suit is called the Gundam X. He uses it to fight off his enemies and protect Tiffa. The two young teens meet up with a crew of vultures lead by Jamil a man who wants to rescue and protect new-types like Tiffa from being exploited by enemy organizations. Soon Enough Garrod and Tiffa part of the crew and throughout the series they will come face to face with various opponents that as the prevent another war.

The story of Gundam X is really good and well executed
Aside from some typical elements from the Gundam franchise like the young boy discovering a Gundam as the presence of char clone kinda character, it’s unlike most of the other Gundam shows that are out there. All of the Gundam shows minus G Gundam, this show Turn A, Build Fighters and G Reco revolve around a full-scale war between two factions but Gundam X in a post apocalyptic setting where people are trying to prevent war and most of humanity is trying to regain their lives. Out of all of the alternative universe shows Gundam X has the closet with the universal century it has a lot of elements that we all familiar with within the universal century such as the appearance of newtypes. The newtypes in X play a much bigger war in X than any of the Universal Century shows.
Themes of exploitation, power abuse, moving forward in the future instead of being clinging to the past were well explored and they expanded as the series progresses.

If I had minor complaints of the story in X it would be the pacing for certain story arcs. Unlike in Gundam Wing constantly had bad pacing as well as having too much info-dumping from that stupid narrator. Gundam X mostly had good pacing but some of the arcs were either pacing way too long or way too fast like the final arc which I will explain now.
Gundam X was originally gonna to have 49 episodes like Gundam Wing and G Gundam but it was reduced to 39 episodes after the decline of the ratings.
This explains why the ending of Gundam X was kinda rushed as well as having no time to build up a proper climax. Despite that, the ending of Gundam X does ties up most of the loose ends giving us the feeling of satisfaction.

Overall despite Gundam X being cut down to 39 episodes, I thought the story of Gundam X was really good and well written.




The characters in Gundam X are mostly great as they are very likable, relatable and they were enjoyable to watch from start to finish.

Garrod is honestly one of my favorite Gundam protagonists.


He may have an outgoing personality who is filled with life but he’s not afraid to get serious when he needs to be. Also unlike Heero his a well-written character who gets great character development. What makes Garrod stand out from other main protagonists from Gundam that he is just a normal kid. No special powers( Amero), no intense military training( Heero) and no martial arts mastery (Domon). He is just a normal human like you and I. Even though his a normal human being he still proves himself to be a badass pilot.

Tiffa is one of the best female characters from the franchise.


She is quiet and tends to hide her emotions but she starts to open up more as the series progresses especially around Garrod. Tiffa’s role in Gundam X is unique in Gundam since she is a newtype with extraordinary powers thus making her a very valuable target for many people that tried to capture her.

The relationship between Garrod and Tiffa gives a lot of Eureka Seven vibes even though Eureka Seven came out after this show. The one thing that I really loved about it is how different they personalities are. Garrod a loud mouth while Tiffa is calm and collecting. Aside from that, it’s a really down to earth relationship that was build up extremely well and it makes you believe that they are really made for each other. It’s personally one of my favorite pairings in the Gundam franchise.

Another character that I really like is Jamil who is one of my favorite captains from the franchise. His background is based off Amuro Ray but his adult personality is very similar to Bright Noa with a little bit of Char mixed it making him a great badass combination of three of the most iconic characters in the franchise..


Roybea may be a lady’s man and Witz may be a hot headed but they much more dimensional to them as characters as opposed to the Wing boys in Wing, The Mary sues in Seed, and the Try Fighters from Build Fighters Try.


The other characters are also great and very likable with some of my other favorite Gundam X characters being Ennil El, Malme Toniya and Kid Salsamille.

The only characters I was not a fan were the Frost Brothers aka the main villains as they come off as generic villains’ They were not bad characters but they could have been much better but the end of the day I pick the Frost Brothers over the Try Fighters and the Wing Boys.

Minus the Frost Brothers, I thought the character cast for Gundam X to be pretty great as they are very memorable likable, interesting not to mention they have a purpose and have an important role in the story.

This is one of my favorite characters casts from the Gundam franchise.



Visually Gundam X is very similar to Wing, however, it a massive improvement over Wing in every field.

The characters designs are well designed and they are mostly consistent.

As for the actual animation, it’s a big step from Wing. The mecha battles are fun to watch and we actually see a lot of skill being shown by the pilots throughout the fights.


Also, the mecha designs are really good.

The Gundam X may appear like average Gundam but once the moon is out and it charges its satellite cannon. It will terminate anything in its path. The X divider is pretty cool but its big brother the double X is in my top 3 favorite Gundams. Gundam Leopard

The other Gundam designs also great Gundams like the Air Master, Gundam Leopard, and the Versago.

Overall Gundam X visually is pretty good and unlike Wing, it has aged pretty well.


Overall the visuals of Gundam X are really good as it a massive improvement of Gundam Wing and the battles were very exciting.


The soundtrack of Gundam X is just beautiful filled with memorable tracks.

The first opening Dream is a very hard hitting J POP song.

The same thing can be said about the second opening theme Resolution which is one of one of my favorite opening themes in Gundam.

The first ending theme Human Touch is easily one of the best composed in all of Gundam as well as being one of my favorite ending themes in anime.

The second ending theme Gin-Iro Horizon is pretty good.

The voice acting of Gundam X is amazing that is filled a lot of talented and high profile Seiyuus.

Some of my favorites performances were Knyuu Horiuchi as Jamil, Mika Kanai as Tiffa, Chieko Honda as Ennil, Motoko Kumai as Kid Salsamile, Kazuya Nakai as Witz and I could go on.

Sadly Gundam X didn’t get a dub which is honestly sad because if anything this was the show that needed a dub.


Final Thoughts.


I really love Gundam X. I think is one of the best Gundam shows from the franchise.

The story was greatly written, almost all of the characters were great, relatable and likable, the visuals still hold up well compared to Gundam Wing, the mecha battles were exciting to watch and the soundtrack is just amazing.

If this show were to have all 49 episodes as well maybe having an English dub than I would have giving it a 10/10 as well as being my favorite Gundam show but sadly that isn’t the case.

Gundam X ended getting canceled making it the only other Gundam show besides Gundam 0079 to get canceled before finished. There’s has been a lot of speculation on why it was canceled. One theory stated that it got low ratings due to a sudden timeslot switch and an another theory state that people were just burned out from watching Gundam after four years of back to back releases. Whatever the case may be I still thought Gundam X was an amazing show and I consider it to be one of the best Gundam shows in the franchise.

If you are tired of Gundam having the same old formula from past Gundam shows then I highly recommend watching Gundam X as it offers a different yet amazing experience for anime fans as well as hardcore Gundam fans.

Gundam X has been licensed by Rightstuff in the US on DVD.

I give Gundam X a 9/10.


Anyway, this was Shawn aka KurataTrigger and I will see you guys next time.


Top 25 Favorite Gundam Ending Themes.

Hello, everyone, this is Shawn aka KurataTrigger and welcome to my next anime countdown. For this countdown, we will be counting down Gundam ending themes that I personally adore.

Also some of the ending themes are full version because I couldn’t find any TV size endings for set ending. Please keep in mind.

Now with that out of the way let’s begin this list.


25. Gundam 00 Ending 2.

24. Gundam Seed Destiny Ending 3.


23. Gundam Wing Ending.

22. G Gundam Ending 1.

21. Gundam 08th MS Team Ending.

20 Victory Gundam Ending 1.

19. Gundam 00 Ending 3.

18. G Reco Ending.

17. Gundam AGE Ending 2.

16. Gundam Seed Destiny Ending 1.

15. Gundam X Ending 3.

14. Gundam Build Fighters Try Ending 1.

13. Gundam Build Fighters Ending 2


12. Gundam Seed Destiny Ending 1B.

11. Gundam AGE Ending 2.

10. Gundam 00 Ending 1.

9 Zeta Gundam Ending 1

8. Gundam Seed Destiny Ending 2.

7. Gundam Build Fighters Ending 1.

6. Gundam Seed Ending 1.

5. Turn A Gundam Ending 2.

4. Gundam X Ending 1.

3. Gundam Seed Destiny Ending 4.

2. Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ending 1.

1. Gundam 00 Ending 4.


Stay tune for my next Gundam countdown where I will do a top 25 favourite Gundan character list.

Top 25 Favorite Gundam Openings.

Hello, everyone, this is Shawn aka KurataTrigger and welcome to my next anime countdown. For this countdown, we will be counting down Gundam opening that I personally adore.

Now over the course of last year, I been watching most of the Gundam shows because this is one of the franchises that I really want to get into plus Iron-Blooded Orphans was the Gundam show what re-introduced me to not only Gundam but mecha anime in general after watching that train wreck mecha series called Aldnoah Zero.

The Gundam franchise is a fun filled with great shows that I loved such as Turn A, Build Fighters, 00, Zeta and 08th M8 team and there were ones that I consider to be meh to subpar such as Seed Destiny, Wing,, F91 and Victory

this is not a guide to Gundam. I will do that an another time.

Now with that further ado let’s begin with this list.


25. Zeta Gundam Opening 1.


24 Gundam Seed Destiny Opening 4.

23 Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Opening 1.

22. Gundam Seed Opening 4.

21. Gundam Build Fighters Opening 1.

20. Gundam 0080 War In The Pocket OP.

19. Gundam 00 Opening 3.

18. Gundam Wing Opening 1

17. Gundam ZZ Gundam Opening 1.

16. After War Gundam X Opening 1.

15.  Gundam Build Fighters Try Opening 1.

14. Gundam Seed Destiny Opening 1.

13. Zeta Gundam Opening 2.

12. Gundam 0079 Opening.

11. G Gundam Opening 1.


10. Victory Gundam Opening 2.

9. Gundam Seed Opening 1.

8 . Gundam Build Fighters Try Opening 2.

7. Turn A Gundam Opening 1.

6. Gundam Seed Opening 3.

5. Gundam Build Fighters Opening 2.

4 Gundam X Opening 2.

3. Gundam Seed Destiny Opening 3.

2. G Gundam Opening 2

1. Gundam 00 Opening 1.